Hello and welcome!

About me

I'm Natalia, the founder of Latalia. I'm a Russian girl who came to Sweden in 2010 and now lives in Gothenburg. When I lived in Russia, I worked as a journalist for a newspaper. I wrote then about lifestyle, but fashion has always been close to my heart. Colorful bags in beautiful colors are my passion and I believe that a bag is not just a bag but a signature, an accessory and a way to express yourself and be seen!

During the year 2020, I realized that the Swedish market could not provide me with the trendy, fun and both newer and classic styles that I myself was so in love with. So I decided to start up Latalia.se.

It is now almost a year since Latalia was launched and I have learned a lot. I have made many new contacts and gained a lot of new experiences! Everything has gone more smoothly than I ever dared to hope for, and for that I want to thank YOU!

What is Latalia?

The name is a mixture of 3 words - Natalia, Italia and Talia.

My name - Natalia, the Italian word for Italy - Italia. And the Russian word for waist - Talia.

I have a wish and a goal that Latalia should be the place that I myself missed, where you can find different and exciting products to complement your personal style.

The Products

You can not find Latalia's products in any other web shop in Sweden. All products are hand-picked to your liking and taste, but also with the goal of following the latest trends.

For example, quilting and braiding are in trend right now, and then I buy most of this. But of course also keep in mind that not everyone appreciates this trend and instead draws to other goods. Latalia is a place for everyone!

The bags are made of 100% genuine leather and are imported from factories in Florence, Italy. The clothes are imported from small suppliers and designers around Europe and both bags and clothes are brought in in small quantities to still be kept a little exclusive. Once all products reach Sweden, they end up with me in Gothenburg, then they are sent out to your customers from my own small warehouse.

I personally go through each bag and garment before they are put up for sale to assure me, and you that everything is in top quality. In order for you to be able to find a size that suits you, I also measure all garments, in all sizes, and print on the garment's product page.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.